MISS V♛ 2015 is…

Congratulations to the newly crowned MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2015

Eleseren Brianna ✦ MISS V♛ PERU

15295177549_0604d57a90_kEleseren Brianna was ‘born‘ on 26 February 2009 and also placed as the Face of INOVARE Magazine 2014 and 1st Runner up Miss Colour of Couture 2014. She is also the owner and designer of  ROMANCE COUTURE.

Eleseren is represented by BLVD, L’Amour Agency, Solo Evane, AIM, Seasons, Style Kingdom Magazine, Rumors Magazine, Fashion Teller, Inovare, Fierce Magazine
Nexus. She is also an avid photographer of Flickr.

Everyone give her the best of wishes for a successful and enjoyable reign for 2015!

And let us not forget about the runner ups and those who placed in the Top 5 and Top 12!

First Runner Up: Jamee Sandalwood ✦ MISS V♛ SWEDEN

Second Runner Up: Issy Flatley ✦ MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM

Third Runner Up: Yeriakth Couturier ✦ MISS V♛ MEXICO

Fourth Runner Up: LuceMia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ ITALY

The following lists those who placed in their country’s alphabetical order, regardless of their actual scores.

The Top 5:

  1. LuceMia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ ITALY
  2. Yeriakth Couturier ✦ MISS V♛ MEXICO
  3. Eleseren Brianna ✦ MISS V♛ PERU
  4. Jamee Sandalwood ✦ MISS V♛ SWEDEN
  5. Issy Flatley ✦ MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM


Top 11: (Top 10 with one tie)

  1. Trinity Aironaut ✦ MISS V♛ ARGENTINA
  2. Sakura Sugarplum ✦ MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA
  3. Stregavento Nguya ✦ MISS V♛ JAPAN
  4. Kaciee Resident ✦ MISS V♛ DENMARK
  5. LuceMia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ ITALY
  6. Yeriakth Couturier ✦ MISS V♛ MEXICO
  7. Eleseren Brianna ✦ MISS V♛ PERU
  8. Silly Avro ✦ MISS V♛ PUERTO RICO
  9. Jamee Sandalwood ✦ MISS V♛ SWEDEN
  10. Issy Flatley ✦ MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM
  11. JewelOfDeNiel Resident ✦ MISS V♛ USA


The Contestants: (In order of country)

  1. MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA 2015 Sakura Sugarplum
  2. MISS V♛ ARGENTINA 2015 Trinity Aironaut
  3. MISS V♛ BELGIUM 2015 Orelana Resident
  4. MISS V♛ CANADA 2015 Danity Minx
  5. MISS V♛ COLUMBIA 2015 Nefertiti18 Resident
  6. MISS V♛ DENMARK 2015 Kaciee Resident
  7. MISS V♛ FRANCE 2015 Mermaid Rubble
  8. MISS V♛ GERMANY 2015 Dalis Juran
  9. MISS V♛ GREECE 2015 Gem Henly
  10. MISS V♛ HONDURAS 2015 Yrwin Naglo
  11. MISS V♛ IRELAND 2015 Brianna Beresford
  12. MISS V♛ ITALY 2015 LuceMia Resident
  13. MISS V♛ JAPAN 2015 Stregavento Nguya
  14. MISS V♛ MEXICO 2015 Yeriakth Couturier
  15. MISS V♛ MOROCCO 2015 Dixiesweet28 Twine
  16. MISS V♛ NETHERLANDS 2015 Zivaah Resident
  17. MISS V♛ PERU 2015 Eleseren Brianna
  18. MISS V♛ PHILIPPINES 2015 Lexa Zifer
  19. MISS V♛ PORTUGAL 2015 Diconay Boa
  20. MISS V♛ PUERTO RICO 2015 Silly Avro
  21. MISS V♛ ROMANIA 2015 Amity Sorbet
  22. MISS V♛ SINGAPORE 2015 Tosha Bergan
  23. MISS V♛ SPAIN 2015 Irene105 Resident
  24. 􀀃MISS V♛ SWITZERLAND 2015 Laiti Resident
  25. MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM 2015 Issy Flatley
  26. MISS V♛ USA 2015 JewelOfDeNiel Resident

Pictures of the event can be viewed from Enzo Champagne’s Flickr.


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