MISTER V♛ 2014 is…


Congratulations to the newly crowned MR V♛ 2014


14253287696_61a4543357_zSeedus Aldrin was ‘born‘ on January 20th, 2010 and is a model, and photographer. He is the creator of Silhouettes Shapes and the owner of EdGe Photography Studio. He is also a model for Opium Evolution, Lybra, Exclusive Modeling Agency & Productions. He is MANIERA’S MEN OF STYLE 2010 Winner, 2010 Mr. Avatar Semi-Finalist, and 2014 ♛ Mr. Metaverse Portugal. Seedus graduated from Glance Model Academy and is the academy’s official photographer.

Congratulations and best of luck to a successful year!

Let us not forget about the Top Five…

  • 1st Runner Up – Bosco Jonson – Mister V♛ Portugal
  • 2nd Runner Up – Ryuji Yuhara – Mister V♛ Japan
  • 3rd Runner Up – Hobbit Zenfold – Mister V♛ Germany
  • 4th Runner Up – Christlaw Resident – Mister V♛ England

And the Top Ten, in no particular order

  • Tyrone Toxx – Mister V♛ Switzerland
  • Bosco Jonson – Mister V♛ Portugal
  • Hobbit Zenfold – Mister V♛ Germany
  • Eric Davi – Mister V♛ Spain
  • Jhones Malus – Mister V♛ Brazil
  • Ryuji Yuhara – Mister V♛ Japan
  • Christlaw Resident – Mister V♛ England
  • Paradox Messmer – Mister V♛ Ireland
  • Seedus Aldrin – Mister V♛ Argentina
  • Lybra Rage – Mister V♛ Vatican City

This year’s official portraits taken by Enzo Champagne.

To see more photos of the contestants and their challenges, head over to The MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2014 Flickr group.


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