iNOVARE Magazine Model Casting Call!


iNOVARE Magazine Model Casting Call!

We are looking for talented female/male models to join the iNOVARE Models team.

HOW TO CAST: JOIN iNOVARE Magazine readers inworld group: secondlife:///app/group/ee56487f-31d5-0f7c-7ef3-104f22c27fe0/about

All the communications about the casting and the results will be posted in this group, so it is mandatory to join. The casting will be held in two phases.

1st PHASE – Photographic round!

THEME: You can take inspiration from ONE of those styles above and create a look:

  1. Graphic Geometry
  2. Iridescent Prints
  3. Floral Fantasy (pastels)
  4. Dots ‘n Stripes

Make one full body picture (Picture size: 1024 x 1024 px) and fill the inworld notecard, attaching your image:
URL for the notecard:

DEADLINE: July 20th @ 1pm SLT

Submit your notecard app here in the mailbox:

Results of this phase will be sent by notice in the iNOVARE Magazine readers group.

2nd PHASE – Runway!

The selected models will walk in a live audition on 25th July @ 3pm SLT.

The theme and other details will be announced once the 1st phase is over.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you for reading,

Astralia Resident
iNOVARE Magazine Manager


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