BOSL is excited to announce the beginning of the amazing journey that our TOP MODEL COMPETITION is going to be for all of us. We are looking for an experienced model with great presence and the ability to be creative and style with class and good taste. If you want to be recognized and stand out from the crowd this is the contest of your dreams! We want to find the best TOP MODEL in SL and that could be you!

The TOP MODEL COMPETITION is open to all models in SL, male, female, from any agency, including former Miss and Mister Virtual World candidates, and previous Top Model competition finalists. You need a genuine hunger for success as a top model, and the look, style and runway posing abilities to sell any outfit.

The TOP MODEL competition is organised by BOSL, but the judges will be some of the best designers in SL, plus some of the fashion industry’s most seasoned professionals. This is your chance to be seen by some of the most successful designers and influential people in the SL fashion world.

The winner will secure contracts with some of SL’s best known designers, be on the cover and have a fashion spread in BOSL Magazine, walk in BOSL Fashion Week shows and receive a package of other rewards including magazine interviews and professional photographs.

Let’s see if you have what it takes to be SL’s Top Model!

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Join “The Best of SL Magazine Readers” group to get the most current contest information.
  2. Create a FOLDER named “TOP MODEL COMPETITION Call 2014 – Your Name” and include the following:
    • A 512×512 or 1024×0124 raw snapshot FULL PERM on a white or black background, FULL BODY, of your BEST STYLING to show us why you should be the next Top Model. (LABEL – TOP MODEL – YOUR NAME – FULL BODY)
    • A 512×512 or 1024×1024 raw snapshot FULL PERM HEAD SHOT (LABEL – TOP MODEL – YOUR NAME – HEAD)
    • A notecard (full perm) called “I AM A TOP MODEL [YOUR NAME]” With your model resume, including details of your formal model training, agency affiliations, runway and print experience, plus your Flickr and blog URLs (if any).
  3. Send the folder to Locuala Madruga by MIDNIGHT SLT on Sunday, 25th May.

Please follow all these instructions. Failure to do so will mean your application is disregarded. Incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection process.


Chosen models will be announced in the BOSL Readers Group on May 27th 2014. They will be invited to take part in an initial walk at 10 AM SLT on SUNDAY 1st June. From this walk off, 30 finalists will be selected to go through to the live challenges.


  • Live challenges will take place EVERY SUNDAY in JUNE at 10 AM SLT. Make sure you will be available for these times.
  • THE GRAND FINALE will be on SUNDAY JULY 6th time to be confirmed
  • A jury of professionals in SL fashion industry (Top Models, Designers, etc..) will judge you on your Live Heats presentation based on your appearance, styling and interpretation of the assigned theme, as well as execution of the choreography. They will pick the models they consider are worth saving for the next round. Each week 5 finalists will be eliminated, until just 10 remain for the GRAND FINALE!
  • A new and exciting element will be added to this year’s contest – social media! Finalists styling will be published on the TOP MODEL Facebook page, and public votes in the form of “likes” will be counted in the live heats. So the public will be your judges too!

We can’t wait to see what you have to show us!!!

*NOTE: We will not accept entries by The Best of SL Executives.

BOSL and BLVD Organitation


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