The Fantasy Angels

INVITATION _The Angels has come down to FINESMITH with Glitter_

You are cordially invited to an unforgettable event which will be magical, sexy, ethereal and full of color and glitter in a unique environment to expose exciting and unique designs. It’s a Finesmith Muse project hosted by Tyra Eiren called “THE FANTASY ANGELS FAIR”. And that will take place this February 14th.

“THE FANTASY ANGELS FAIR” hosted by Tyra Eiren will last the whole weekend and which will give aperture with the grand show “The Angels has come down to FINESMITH with Glitter” on Friday, February 14th, at 2 pm SLT and that will count with the participation of large and well known Supermodels and more than ten designers that have joined and created each a fantasy outfit in a unique environment of magic and romanticism.

The amazing Angels you ´ll see on the runway are:

  • Amita Yorcliffe
  • Annough Lykin
  • Beatrice Serendipity
  • Calima Dufaux
  • Carley Benazzi
  • Chevia Johansson
  • Locuala Madruga
  • Lua Vendetta
  • Natzuka Miliandrovic
  • Sylphia Constantine
  • Tyra Eiren
  • Widelmina Zeminoba
  • Xandrah Sciavo

They will delight you all while sauntering around the lush stage to showcase fabulous designs, beautiful and glamorous corsets, sensual and feminine boots, exquisite jewels and lush wings. Don´t miss the luscious stylings of this sexy angels fallen straight from heaven for your delight full of desire and charm.

The incredible Sponsors included in this event are:

  • AD Creations
  • Angel Dessous
  • Bax Coen Designs
  • Boudoir
  • blackLiquid
  • CELESTINAS Weddings
  • Countdown
  • Faster Pussycat
  • Solidea Folies
  • IsoMotion
  • PosESioN

Will be an honor for us to count with the presence of each one of you honoring this event prepared with love and too much fun and glitter.

—- To reserve a place at the show & party please contact Tyra Eiren ——

And you are cordially invited to enjoy after the show a PARTY to celebrate with the Angels and SCALA DJ Sea the Valentine´s Day in an atmosphere full of fun, music, color and glitter. There will be dancing, fun and beautiful people.

Sincerely yours,
Tyra Eiren
Finesmith Muse Inspiration

Show Producer: Tyra Eiren
Show concept & Script Writer: Tyra Eiren
ADV show picture: Falbala Fairey
Host: Veronica Krasner
DJ & Speaker: SCALA DJ Sea
Recording of the event: Kas Core
Official Photographer: Roman Godde


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