MISS V♛ 2014 is…

Congratulations to the newly crowned MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2014

Anjelica Carling ✦ MISS V♛ JAPAN

Miss-Japan-Anjelica-CarlingAnjelica was ‘born‘ on 16 October 2007 and placed in the 2012 Miss Bliss Couture as a Finalist.

Anjelica is represented by BLVD Agency, Elegancia, ProFasion Productions, iC Motions Agency, VVON VOICIC, Dione Fashion Agency, Marítima and is also a model for Finesmith and Candy NaiL – POP.

Anjelica is a Japanese model, blogger and photographer enthusiast. She also has her own Facebook page. Everyone give her their best wishes for a successful and enjoyable reign for 2014!

And let us not forget about the runner ups and those who placed in the Top 5 and Top 12!

First Runner Up: Eva Luxury (EvaLuxury Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ BAHAMAS

Second Runner Up: Locuala Madruga ✦ MISS V♛ INDIA

Third Runner Up: Amita Yorcliffe ✦ MISS V♛ MONGOLIA

Fourth Runner Up: Astralia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ DENMARK

People’s Choice: Astralia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ DENMARK

The following lists those who placed in their country’s alphabetical order, regardless of their actual scores.

The Top 5:

  1. Eva Luxury (EvaLuxury Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
  2. Astralia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ DENMARK
  3. Locuala Madruga ✦ MISS V♛ INDIA
  4. Anjelica Carling ✦ MISS V♛ JAPAN
  5. Amita Yorcliffe ✦ MISS V♛ MONGOLIA


The Top 12:

  1. CottonCandy Teardrop ✦ MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA
  2. Eva Luxury (EvaLuxury Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
  3. SD Damiano ✦ MISS V♛ BRAZIL
  4. Astralia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ DENMARK
  5. Sienna Bellios ✦ MISS V♛ GREECE
  6. Locuala Madruga ✦ MISS V♛ INDIA
  7. Anjelica Carling ✦ MISS V♛ JAPAN
  8. Euridice Qork ✦ MISS V♛ MEXICO
  9. Amita Yorcliffe ✦ MISS V♛ MONGOLIA
  10. Mila Blauvelt (13mila13 Blauvelt) ✦ MISS V♛ PERU
  11. Naarnisse (Naarnisse Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ SPAIN
  12. Beatrice Serendipity ✦ MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM


The Contestants:

  1. Vanka Machiavello (Nejgovanka Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ ARGENTINA
  2. CottonCandy Teardrop ✦ MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA
  3. Eva Luxury (EvaLuxury Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
  4. Spirit Llewellyn ✦ MISS V♛ BELIZE
  5. SD Damiano ✦ MISS V♛ BRAZIL
  6. Dream Love (DreamLove Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ CANADA
  7. Vera Fenutzini ✦ MISS V♛ CHINA
  8. Astralia Resident ✦ MISS V♛ DENMARK
  10. Desireme Fallen ✦ MISS V♛ EGYPT
  11. Shelby Matfield ✦ MISS V♛ ETHIOPIA
  12. Memole Giha ✦ MISS V♛ FRANCE
  13. Tracy-Isabella Lyric (Tracy Lyric) ✦ MISS V♛ GERMANY
  14. Sienna Bellios ✦ MISS V♛ GREECE
  15. Locuala Madruga ✦ MISS V♛ INDIA
  16. Lucyela Resident ✦ MISS V♛ INDONESIA
  17. Shanty Bookmite ✦ MISS V♛ IRELAND
  18. Frederica Galtier ✦ MISS V♛ ITALY
  19. Anjelica Carling ✦ MISS V♛ JAPAN
  20. Selina Greycloud ✦ MISS V♛ KIRIBATI
  21. Nieve Thor ✦ MISS V♛ MALAYSIA
  22. Euridice Qork ✦ MISS V♛ MEXICO
  23. Amita Yorcliffe ✦ MISS V♛ MONGOLIA
  24. Miso (Misoindite.Romano Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ NORWAY
  25. Mila Blauvelt (13mila13 Blauvelt) ✦ MISS V♛ PERU
  26. Serenity (BloodyMistress.Serenity Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ PORTUGAL
  27. Precise Frimon ✦ MISS V♛ PUERTO RICO
  28. Naarnisse (Naarnisse Resident) ✦ MISS V♛ SPAIN
  29. ChloeElectra Resident ✦ MISS V♛ SWEDEN
  30. Beatrice Serendipity ✦ MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM
  31. Averil Resident ✦ MISS V♛ USA
  32. Lua Vendetta ✦ MISS V♛ VENEZUELA

To view all of the photographs taken at the event, take a look at Tillie Ariantho’s and Shinya Tandino’s Flickr sets.

Frolic Mills has also announced the transfer of the Miss Virtual World organization to Reign Congrejo, CEO of Colour of Couture Top Modeling Competition. We all hope to see the fabulous continuation of MVW through future years.


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