FINESMITH Muse – Top 3

Finesmith~Shinobu Istmal~April 2013 II grey logo

Help us judge for the best image of Week One!

We chose our Top 3 images for this week. We would like to hear from you. On my Facebook page “Like!” for your best pic.

Top 3 are:

You are invited to FINESMITH’s biggest event of the year.

For the third time Finesmith will be looking for that one amazing stylist / model that will be the face of Finesmith.

One that is full of inspiration and is an inspiration.

One that has elevated style into an art form.

One who’s ways are novel and innovative.One who is able to wear the title and can rise above our imaginations as Muse 2014.

One who is born this way.


To be eligable to enter this photographic contest you will need to do the following:

  1. Join the in-world group, Finesmith Muse 2014
    • secondlife:///app/group/e5e35781-3f9b-adf6-17e4-96cf543c1652/about
  2. Submit one full body picture (1024 x 1024) wearing a mix & match style created using Finesmith jewelry (group gifts are not allowed) to the Finesmith Muse 2014 Flickr group and drop the application to the mail box in Finesmith main store, next to the contest ad.

Each week, one photo will be selected by a special panel of judges. The winner will be automatically added to the finals. all photos need to represent a MUSE, a Goddess, and be named by your inspiration.

After the weekly challenges (15) an additional 15 finalists will join the 5 finalists from May for the big finale. During a special event, were finalists, audience and anonymous judges mix, the winners will be chosen.

For each Muse, (Rage, Purity, Love, Wisdom and Seduction) a winner will be crowned the Finesmith Muse, win a cash prize of L$20,000, and all releases created and released in 2014.
Each muse will also get campaign with Finesmith and a complete creation representing hers/his Muse title.

Clarification: *We will no longer have live casts. the contest is photo contest with finale event in which the 20 chosen models will show their last Muse look.*

Hope to see many of you!
Lets have some magic time!
Yula Finesmith

* For any questions please contact
Draakje Dailey

Special message from Yula:

As we all have less time in SL, Imade changes to the contest. Now the contest is bigger, the prizes are bigger, and more people can apply.The contest is not only for runway models, it is open to all stylists of the grid, and as SL opens to different avatars (human, faireys, dolls..etc.), all are invited to try their way in this contest. Males as well.5 MUSES will be selected! Each will have a spot representing Finesmith and getting the big prize. So I hope the changes are for the best and lets have some good time.


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