BLVD Agency Modeling Castings



Getting ready for BOSL INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK, we are looking for a few talented models to help us with this immense fashion extravaganza in September. BOSL FASHION WEEK will be our best to date, and we need the most talented and professional models on the grid.

The casting will be in two rounds. The first part of the audition will be fast and it is all how you present yourself. You will style three (3) outfits as best as you can. It can be an invented mix and match or an off the rack outfit. Only those who pass the first styling, will continue to change into the second prepared outfit. Only those who pass the second styling will go on to the third, and only those who pass the third styling will be invited to a second audition.

The second part of the casting is where you get to prove your walking and pose skills. Can you walk a straight line? Are the poses interesting and show your outfit to the best of its potential?

If you complete this final round successfully, you will be invited into BLVD Model Agency as a model.

Date and time for the audition: Saturday May 18th – 10:00 am SLT

Good luck to all of you!

Frolic Mills


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