K.V. Dream Fashion Agency Casting


K.V. Dream Fashion Agency is looking for fresh faces and has decided to dedicate a whole week for castings. Please, if you are interested in joining the agency, apply for the castings because this is the last chance you will have until October.

Castings will take place at the K.V. Dream Fashion Agency sim at 12:30 pm SLT from May 13th to May 17th.

Each date will be dedicated to a maximum of six aspiring agency models. In the case we have more entries for the same day, we will let the first six who applied cast and the others will be asked to chose another day.

Models who want to apply for castings have to send a note card to Katiuscia Vollmar with following information:

  • Full SL name
  • Year you started your modeling carreer
  • Name of agency/ies you graduated from
  • How often do you walk a runway in a month?
  • Your favorite day to cast
  • Second favorite day to cast (in the case first option is full)
  • One professional portrait
  • One professional body photo

All candidates should teleport by themselves to the casting on the day, time and sim agreed upon. Please avoid being late.

Each candidate will present five outfits:

  1. Beachwear
  2. Minimal
  3. Casual Chic
  4. Avantgarde
  5. Goth Formal

Please wear different accessories for each outfit and have a unique style. The agency will accept models who capture the audience’s attention and gaze on the runway. We want to say WOW!

To understand the criteria we look for when we search new models, please join the in-world group, K.V. Dream Fashion Agency or ask Katiuscia Vollmar via note card.

The results of the castings will be given by Sunday, May 19th through a note card sent personally to each participating model.

Thanks for your attention and good luck to each of you! ^_^

Katiuscia Vollmar


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