Face of October Studios


October Studios looking for a new fresh face to represent October Studios as a print model. If you believe in your styling skills and if you think you are a photogenic model, show us your skills!

The contest will be presented by the Babylon Models Agency, a group of experienced designers and models in fashion industry will be judging you based upon your styles.

The winner will be the new Advert Model of October Studios and also receive these amazing prizes:

  • L$10,000 cash prize
  • A photography portfolio by October Studios
  • Appear in the print advertisements of October Studios
  • A special design named after the winner by Zanze
  • A special pack of poses named after the winner by The Muse Poses

How to join to contest:

  1. Create a note card named FOO Candidate (Name Here)” with the following images: your portrait and bikini/lingerie full body shot.
  2. Send the note card to Audrey “Muse” Cresci (audrey.cresci) before the 20th of April. No applications will be accepted after the 20th of April.
  3. Add your photos to the Flickr group (this year, this one is MANDATORY).

  4. On the 21st of April, selected contestants will be announced in the Face of October Studios group.
  5. You will be then receive a group invite to the Face of October group.

For the contest, if you like your shots done by October Studios, to receive a special discount of 20% if you book before 14th of April.

************ Semi Finals 27th of April @ 10am SLT ************

Semi Final is a runway challenge you’ll prepare 2 styling on the following themes:

1st: “We are all Geishas.”

We want you to style a contemporary outfit inspired by Geishas.  A Traditional Geisha figure will make you fail. You can check 2013 Etro Spring Collection or 2013 Pucci Spring Collection to see what we want.

2nd: “Veiled”

Second Challenge is all about being Classy under sheers, veils and transparent show us how much you dare, but please do not look cheap or pornographic!

The Finalists will be announced at the show.

************ Finals 4th of May, 2013 @ 10am SLT ************

You will show your advanced styling skills with 2 more styling challenges.

1st: Inspired by Dsquared2.

A touch 90s to today’s fashion. Back to Glamazons! Check the link for more direction. www.youtube.com/watch?v=znsA5Gr4RP4

2nd: Inspired by a RL painting / sculpture.

We want you to choose a RL painting or a sculpture to get inspired. We want you to submit the photo of the painting before the contest day. Be a little crazy think out of box .

Let the challenge begin!

OCTOBER BETTENCOURT Owner of October Studios
AUDREY CRESCI Owner of Babylon Models Agency.


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