Miss Colour of Couture 2013 Finalists


We are proud and honored to announce the Finalists of Miss Colour of Couture 2013. We had 30 lovely and talented ladies walk the runway today, but there could only be 16 in the finals. We thank you all that applied and walked and we welcome you all to participate in the event in ways that will involve you in sharing the fun and experience of collaborating with other women of colour.

The Finalists

  • Adriel Huntress
  • Ivyana Szondi
  • Jada Warbunsee
  • Jamee Sandalwood
  • Jyny Lexenstar
  • Laiti
  • LeezahKaddour
  • Liberty Lighthouse
  • Maile Michinaga
  • Puhi Rotaru
  • Selina Graycloud
  • Gig1
  • Sidney Abbot
  • Spirit Llewellyn
  • Teyara Mayo
  • Zivaah

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