Miss Fashion 2013 – 2nd Semi Finals


The K.V. Dream Fashion Agency is happy to invite you to the second semi-final of Miss Fashion 2013 on the 28th of March at 2pm SLT (10pm Italian time).



  • Viviane Drasilova – *MF* Cristal’s Creation
  • Joys Cuttita – *MF* Gold in the Night
  • Katherine Comet – *MF* Glitter
  • Euridice Qork – *MF* Factory
  • AnnaG Pfeffer – *MF* Innuendo
  • Belial7 Resident – *MF* AD creations Doll House
  • Devaduta Brianna – *MF* Black&White
  • DiamondGem Destiny – *MF* Amarelo Manga
  • Fedebarbie Resident – *MF* Dread Dollz

Try to bet on who will win!

Miss Fashion 2013 is sponsored by:

  • Swallow
  • Vendome
  • Indyra Originals
  • Edika creation&Lipstick
  • Azoury
  • Lazuri
  • AlaFolie
  • D.D.M. Design
  • Virtual Identity Zone
  • Vero Modero

Best regards to the owners of K.V. Dream Fashion Agency and land:
Katiuscia Vollmar
Astralia Resident
Misoindite Romano
JuanSebastian Menges
Ets Zessinthal
Ora Ohara


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