Supreme Talent 2013

Canary Fashion, a Spanish model agency, has decided to start its career in styling competitions, beginning with the first of these called “Supreme Talent 2013”, which will consist of five different galas, presented every Saturday from January 19, and the grand final on February 16. With the participation of 20 models, as well as 25 judges, all of them renowned within the Second Life fashion world.

This contest has the particularity that in each gala will have five different judges, which will give its assessment direct, explaining each participant what were their successes as well as their mistakes in the presented styling. Each week will be eliminating the 3 participants who obtain less voting, so that in the end only eight will reach the final gala. Scores are not cumulative, so each gala starts from cero, allowing each contestant to review their mistakes and take the next challenge with greater momentum.

Prizes will be in cash, for the best three stylists with a total amount of 26,000 lindens.


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