SL Top Modeling Competition


Imagine a modeling contract with over 20 designers. Do you have “the look, the style, runway and posing abilities as a Top Model to ‘sell’ an outfit?

SL Top Model Competition is organized by BOSL however, BoSL will not play a part in choosing the winner. The greatest part of this competition is your abilities will be judged by the designers themselves.

That’s right! You will be judged by the creators of some of the most beautiful creations here in Second Life. This competition is open to all models on the grid, male, female, from any agency, ex misses and misters, etc… We mean any and all!

Let’s see if you have what it takes to be SL’s TOP MODEL.

Please send Frolic Mills the information below:

  • One portrait (LABEL- I AM A TOP MODEL-Your Name-Head shot)
  • Body shot (LABEL- I AM A TOP MODEL-Your Name-Body shot)


SATURDAY FEB 2ND: A list will be sent out and if your name appears on this list you will attend the live casting at 9:00 am SLT. The designers will choose 30 contestants to enter the competition.

Every Saturday, starting February 9th to March 9th there will be a challenge. Four models will be eliminated in each presentation. THE GRAND FINALE for SL TOP MODEL will be on Sunday March 17th during closing day for FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 FAIR.

PLEASE NOTE: All the challenges, including the finale, will be held at 9:00 am SLT.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU and may your modeling career never be the same!

Frolic Mills


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