LD Model Search 2013

Loovus Dzevavor is looking for an outstanding face to be the spokesmodel of our brand for an entire year. The winning model will appear alongside owners, Vikeejeah Xevion and LoovusDzevavor Resident in all of our ads including (but not limited to) event exclusives, limited editions, group gifts and magazine ads. We are looking for a model with a well developed image, versatile look, exceptional sense of style, knowledge of fashion in both RL and SL as well as someone who understands our brand’s aesthetic.

Loovus Dzevavor, along with AVENUE Inc., will conduct a grid wide styling contest designed to test all of the criteria we are looking for in our winning model. Avatars will have 3 weeks to submit their photos to our brand’s Flickr group. From there, we will narrow down our choices to 20 semi – finalists who will appear before our panel of judges (LD and AVENUE Staff). Models will be required to style 2 looks, according to themes given to them at the time of selection, and submit a completed questionnaire, also provided to them once selected.  The judges will then choose the top 10 finalists to move on to the final round for a live voice interview and runway show where we will choose our winner!

All ten finalists will receive a 2000L gift voucher as a thank you for their participation and as congratulations for making it to the finals. The top five finalists will become Loovus Dzevavor bloggers and feature monthly  posts on our official website. The top three finalists will receive the entire Spring 2013 collection. Our winner will receive all of the above mentioned prizes plus:

  • 30,000L cash prize
  • A double page spread in AVENUE Magazine’s March issue as the face of our Spring 2013 collection
  • A voucher for AVENUE Modeling Academy
  • A hairstyle named after her
  • A blog feature and write up about her win on both Loovus Dzevavor and AVENUE’s websites

January 7th: The contests begins
Photo submissions must be must be titled “Loovus Dzevavor Model Search 2013 – Name of Avatar” and posted in the Loovus Dzevavor Flickr Group. The style card must be in the description box along with an explanation as to why you want to be a model for the brand. All photos submissions must feature at least 5 separate items from the store. All Items must be currently available in the flagship store or on Marketplace. You may not count group gifts as part of the items. You are allowed to wear them, but they do not count toward the 5 items needed to qualify. There is no theme for this, just your own style.

Jan. 7-25th submissions accepted

  1. Contestants must be available to participate for all dates of the contest.
  2. Must have at least 6 months of modeling experience in SL and be certified. Please be prepared to provide proof of certification upon request.
  3. All contestants must not have current titles associated with competitive brands. Contestants who own a comparative brand will also not be considered as it could pose as a conflict of interest.
  4. All contestants must be able to speak and understand basic English.
  5. This is a contracted position, not just a brand title; the prize money is contingent upon the winner fulfilling her duties. You will be expected to fulfill all duties associated with the promoting the brand, which may include runway, machinima and print work.

Jan. 27th – 20 semi-finalists chosen

February 3rd: Semi-finals
We will choose the top ten finalists on this day. They will be contacted 24 hours after the style challenge and be scheduled for voice interviews.

February 5th – 6th: Live voice interviews
All judges will meet with and interview the top ten finalists. All interviews will be conducted either via Skype or inworld voice. Once the final interview is completed, the top ten will be given their final style challenge for the live runway show scheduled for February 9th.

February 9th: Live Finals – Runway Challenge
Our top ten will walk the AVENUE runway in a live finale style challenge. Finalists must submit their style cards to Anigma Eulenberg by February 8th. We will award all of the finalists with their prizes and announce the winner who will receive the title of Loovus Dzevavor Spokesmodel 2013.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification. Any questions regarding this contest should be addressed to Anigma Eulenberg via notecard.


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