White Armory 2013 Winter Photo Contest

Winter Photo Contest and Show 2013-Poster

January 1st thru January 12th, 2013

This will be a judged contest and the theme for the contest is ‘ICE FANTASY’.


  • 1st place = All new TWA releases for 3 months!
  • 2nd place = 3 TWA gowns of your choice
  • 3rd place = 1 TWA gown of your choice

The photographs that are submitted will be displayed at TWA and the winning pictures will be displayed prominently after the contest closes.


  • Photographs MUST be taken of you wearing a White Armory creation
  • Photo alterations are permitted and encouraged… Be creative!
  • Entries to the contest must have full SL permissions
  • No more than one entry per avatar (Please be fair and do NOT reenter as an alt)
  • The “Creator’s” name will be the person entering the contest
  • Judge(s) will select the winner for the contest
  • All decisions are final
  • Please keep it PG!


  • Submit FULL PERM pictures to Bee Dumpling in a notecard any time between January 1st and January 12th 2013
  • Make sure to name your notecard! Example:” Jane Doe-TWA Winter Photo Contest-01-01-2013
  • Any image sent without following the above criteria may be disqualified!
  • Winners will be chosen and announced on or approximately January 12th, 2013

Contestants of submitted entries will retain full rights for the submission. By submitting a picture, the submitter agrees to allow the contest sponsor to display the picture as a contest entry. The winning picture may be displayed by the contest sponsor at any time and may be included in any publication resulting from the contest including news articles. All displays of submitted pictures will have the submitter’s name associated with it for any to see when viewing it.

©Copyright 2013, The White Armory™, All Rights Reserved.


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