Angel of Angel Dessous™ Fashion Photo Contest 2013


  • Each participant of the Angel Dessous Fashion Photo Contest must be a member of the Angel Dessous in Second Life inworld group
  • To set up your picture, you must be a member of the Angel of Angel Dessous Fashion Photo Contest Group on Flickr:
  • Each participant can upload one picture each month
  • All contest pictures must be uploaded at this Flickr group
  • The picture must be in 1024×1024 or 2048×2048 in size
  • The picture can be shot by yourself or somebody else and take care that you are the owner of all rights of the picture
  • The primarily design you show at the picture has to be a Angel Dessous Design though you are allowed to wear fashion and accessories from other designers as stylistic elements
  • You will give us the right to show, promote or advertise placed pictures publicly at the Angel Dessous Mainstore , Angel Dessous Website and/or SL Magazines
  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges


  • Each month we will place the top 5 best pictures
  • The 1st placed picture will be shown next month at a prominent double page spread in BeStyle Magazine, including the model resume of the current winner
  • All 5 placed pictures will gain a L$1,000 Angel Dessous Store Card
  • The pics will be exhibited at the Angel Dessous Mainstore and diverse SL fashion blogs
  • Also the winner will be the model in the next advertisement pic of Angel Dessous, exclusively shot by one of SecondeLife’s best photographers
  • The Angel of Angel Dessous 2014 (elected in December 2013) will be shown in an outstanding six double-page fashion spread in BeStyle Magazine, shooting of this Photo Story will also be done by one of the best SL Fashion Photographers
  • …. and the winner will also be shown at this BeStyle Magazine cover page
  • The winner will represent Angel Dessous in 2014 at advertisements, shows and events
  • There will be also additional prizes for Winner, 1st and 2nd runner up of the final contest provided by Angel Dessous and friendly sponsors


  • The Angel Dessous Fashion Photo Contest 2013 will run from January to November 2013
  • In December 2013, we will elect the Winner of 2013, the Angel of Angel Dessous 2014, chosen of the 11 monthly winners in 2013
  • Each monthly contest will start at the 10th and end on the last day of the month
  • The monthly placements will be elected on the first days of the following month


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