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VCB prides itself on the quality of designs that we provide to our sophisticated clientele. Our women’s clothing range from couture gowns for the perfect dance or event, to some of the classic casual jeans and t-shirt outfits for a night at home watching movies on the couch. With such amazing designs you will find something to fit every style and every mood of your life.

When: Saturday, November 17th
Time: 3:00 pm slt.
Where: UEMA Modeling Agency & Academy , Virtulo (246, 230, 3876) – Moderate

Attention! we kindly ask you to remove all scripted objects and bring down your Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) and scripts as low as reasonably possible, you will be guided to the seating area’s.
Thank you for your kind cooperation!


■UEMA CEO hailielynn Resident
■UEMA COO – BonieFacio Resident
■UEMA OWNER ʐekes ρrincess νiolet (violetcrush.bravin)

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